Talk about neglect.

It seems I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit lately, so I’m going to fix that with a new post.

It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow. Not overly excited about it, really, but it should be a good day. I’m not doing anything special; just gonna hang out with Jacki and enjoy life. That’s my plan. And all I want from people is love and happiness. So long as people are spreading love and happiness on my birthday wherever they may be, I’ll be happy. So happy birthday to me!

Which also means, that in a few days, Spider has been a part of our family for a year. The 22nd, I believe. So we’ll be celebrating that one as his “birthday” at home. I may post some photos of Spider in a party hat or something. Wouldn’t that be cute? Haha.

In other news, not much is happening. Still nobody has given me a job, so I made my own. I started my own lawn mowing business. That’s right, bitches, I made my own god damn job. Take that, everybody-who-turned-me-down-for-a-job. Now instead of making money for someone else, I’m just making money for me. Woo.

Oh, and as for the Australian Federal Election last week…no.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably post again tomorrow for my birthday, but then again I may not. I’ll definitely post for Spider’s birthday, though. It’s been too long since I posted about everybody’s favourite little furball.

Bye for now.


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