My little Spider


This is my cat, Spider.

A little under a year ago, my girlfriend and I moved from Brisbane down to Kyogle, NSW. 2 days after we moved in, we were introduced to this little guy by my girlfriend’s step-mum. He was such a cute, energetic little thing, and I pretty much fell in love with him. The following day, he moved in with us. Just like that.

He was a perfect introduction to our new house. Despite the mess of the house, he got along very well with our other cat, Storm. And since then, the two of them have bonded together like brother and sister. Here’s a photo of the two of them asleep on the lounge yesterday


Aren’t they cute? That’s Spider there, all stretched out, with Storm’s face snuggled in under his belly. Yeah. We have cute cats.

My relationship with Spider has improved my life significantly. Before I met Spider, I didn’t really have much of a thing for cats. Been more of a dog person, really. You see, I’ve never been allowed to have a cat before I’d moved out because my dad is allergic, so when I moved in with my girlfriend last year, it was the first time I’d lived with a cat.

But when we got Spider, I experienced something I’d never really imagined I’d feel. I made a connection with a cat. This little cat.


Every day, without fail, this little cat brightens my day. If I’m sitting down, he’s on my lap, purring away. And he’ll always fall into the smallest places. He’s just so perfect.

But that’s not even it. Because of how much this cat loves me, he’s shown me that love is something that’s stronger than just an emotion or a word. It’s a connection between 2 beings. A connection that is rare between those 2 beings. And in this case, Spider and myself.

I love this cat, to the ends of the world and I can honestly say that if I hadn’t been introduced to this cat when we moved down to NSW, things would’ve been a lot harder for me.

So this is my little post in honor of Spider. His little part of the internet. Because he deserves it.


He’s sitting on a spoon. A spoon. Maybe he’s thinking about using that spoon to get the Dolmio pasta sauce out of that jar. Hmmm…


You see what I mean about falling into the smallest spaces? Spider isn’t comfortable if he doesn’t look uncomfortable.


That’s a piece of carrot on his foot. But he doesn’t mind.


This is my cat, Spider.

He’s very special to me.

My Spiderman.


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