The Amazing John Butler

So I came across this video last night, thanks to my older sister Karina, of the 2012 studio version of OCEAN by John Butler.

And holy shit, he blew my freakin’ mind.

When someone mentions great acoustic guitar players, you might think of names like Chet Atkins or (unfortunately) Tommy Emmanuel. Even some lesser known names, like Jon Gomm (look up his song “Passionflower”). However, it was only last night that I realised how great a guitarist John Butler is. I mean, I knew he was pretty amazing, but last night just blew my fucking mind.

And I think that this should be seen by more people. John Butler is not given enough credit for how incredible his guitar playing is.

So here’s my little bit. Watch this video.

Oh, and while you’re at it, trying to pick the pieces of your mind off the wall, check this out. This is Jon Gomm with “Passionflower”.

Enjoy, and have a nice day.



2 thoughts on “The Amazing John Butler

  1. Unfortunately? Before his death Chet Atkins said Tommy Emmanuel was the greatest picker of our time. So you just shush.

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